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Words of Worth:

Storytelling for Changemakers

Turn your words into ACTION through the

power of story and persuasive writing.

Your voice matters and you do have the power to change the world!

From climate change to equality to quality education. You have something to say about these challenges, and maybe a few solutions to share.

So, if you had the opportunity to speak up on issues that you’re passionate about, knowing you can actually make things happen, would you seize it?

It’s time to strengthen your storytelling skills so you can start using your voice and your words to change the world.

Come connect with a community of young leaders as we strengthen our narrative and persuasive writing styles so we can start writing about the change we want to see in the world, and lead #thehararevolution from anywhere in the world.

Why our eco-warriors love this workshop

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“I have an interest for making a change and helping the society. This workshop not only taught me how to write but also sparked my interest and helped me realize the way I can make a change. It flourished my interest and helped me dive deeper into how I can make change.”

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"Words of Worth was more than just writing. There was so much more I took away from it. Especially because Jazz, our facilitator, was so amazing. I'm the sort of person who won't share my work unless I'm in a comfortable environment...and when I joined this workshop, I felt very safe and comfortable right from the first session."


Your Program Curriculum





Weekend One:
The Power of Story

In our first weekend, we’ll be diving into the structure (and science!) of our favorite stories, and what exactly it is about good stories that inspire us. With a focus on narrative writing, we’ll each write a fictional story incorporating our refreshed perspective.

You’ll LOVE this if you are interested in writing for social media, blogs, and/or if you dream of being an entrepreneur one day!

Weekend Three:
Persuasive Writing

Taking everything we’ve learned about engaging the right reader in our writing, we each choose a Sustainable Development Goal we are passionate about and come up with a few solutions for accomplishing it.

We’ll then craft a letter to a local leader or representative in India that can help us bring our solutions to life!

Weekend Two:
Narrative Writing

Now that we’re a little warmed up in our writing, our second weekend will shift to non-fiction, from biographies to news articles, and how to craft our words to interest and inspire our readers. In groups of two, you’ll also learn to collaborate on writing a piece about someone who inspires our justice work.

You’ll love this if you are interested in journalism and writing opinion pieces (or have a blog!).

Weekend Four:
Transforming Words Into Action

As we close up our time together, we’ll dive into how to send your letter of change out into the world, how to follow-up to ensure action is taken, and what next steps you can take to continue your activism!

Meet your facilitator

Jazzmine Raine is a social entrepreneur, storyteller, and experiential education facilitator. She is the founder of Hara World and Hara House, India’s first zero-waste hospitality space.


Jazzmine leverages the power of story to support recent grads, aspiring entrepreneurs, marginalized groups, and ethical brands to challenge the status quo and work towards a sustainable, inclusive, and inspiring future.


Jazzmine has been nominated for multiple awards for her Hara World initiatives and was named 1 of 35 social entrepreneurs to watch by Causeartist. She has spoken on her passions and journey across the globe, including at BoldTalks Dubai, Tourism Shala India, and with many education institutions and community platforms across the globe.


Jazzmine is a 2021-22 Western Union Fellow under Watson Institute. In her spare time, you'll find her writing short stories and working on her first YA novel, Generation Uprising.


Write the future.
Join us every Sunday in February 2023 for 1 hour workshops.
Program Fee: 2,800 INR

Register for our February cohort!

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