Bring your community together to achieve environmental justice

Conquer climate change, explore social innovation,

and hone your leadership skills as a Hara Ambassador.


Connect with a global network of youth and impact leaders leading the #hararevolution in their local communities.


Lead monthly events, workshops, and campaigns for social & environmental justice in your community

(we give you the resources & tools you need).


Earn Hara Points for your leadership that can be used to create greater impact in your community or abroad.


Access exclusive discounts to Hara World’s experiential education and impact travel programs in India.

Start the


in your own community

The Hara Ambassador program is a global online network of young people ages 12 - 25 working together to fight for social and environmental justice. 


Access eco-education, tools, resources, mentorship, and innovation challenges that help you hone your eco-warrior skills in the fight for a sustainable world. 

Lead monthly events, workshops, and campaigns in your community that align with monthly world themes, and social and environmental justice topics (we give you all the tools you need to lead!). 

Looking for a challenge to advance your career in the social space?


Hara Impact Challenges are 3-month projects to help you implement solutions to social and environmental issues by using design thinking, and creating your own prototypes. 


Your prototypes are assessed at the end of every 3 month challenge by a panel of impact leaders and social entrepreneurs in the Hara Community.


Winning Hara Ambassadors receive prizes, leadership opportunities, and possibly even funding to launch your prototype in the market.

Join a diverse community of like-minded youth passionate about thinking global and acting local.

How does the Hara Ambassador program work?

Who is a Hara Ambassador?

You are a high school student, post-secondary student, or young professional eager to make a change in your community.


You are looking to enter the social space at home or abroad, but need to enhance your skills and expertise to get started. 


You are looking for a platform to have your voice heard, and to cultivate a community of people who believe in creating a green and inclusive world.

How do you get started?

  1. Apply online 

  2. Complete a short Hara Ambassador online training program 

  3. You're in!

When you sign up to be a Hara Ambassador, you are always a Hara Ambassador. 


YOU drive your own involvement. 


Choose to do 1 to 3 (or more!) monthly activities including leading events, workshops, and campaigns in your community and online. We give you everything you need to lead your initiatives.

How do you earn Hara Points?

  • Participate in Hara Impact Challenges (10 points)

  • Lead monthly events, workshops, and campaigns (5 points)

  • Write eco-educational blog posts and share your stories of impact on the Hara Patreon platform (3 points)

  • Do good deeds in your community, and share photos or videos of your experiences with the Hara Ambassador network (2 points)

  • Introduce new leaders to the Hara Ambassador program  (1 point)


One Hara Point is equivalent to $1USD or 50INR. They are redeemable every 3 months.


Currently, Hara Points can:

  • Plant trees with aligned partners in Delhi and Bikaner 

  • Be used as cash towards Hara World travel programs and zero waste products

  • Sponsor events and programs you would like to support in your own community


By late 2020, we aim to partner with local and international brands and organizations where Hara Points can be used as cash to purchase eco-friendly products and services.

Hara Ambassador Hubs











Interested in being part of the program but don’t reside in these cities?


Apply to launch the Hara Ambassador program in your locality.

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