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Experience the diversity of India.

Day tours curated to align with your travel values and bucketlists,

led by local students & entrepreneurs.



Available upon request

Set eyes on the beautiful architecture of the Bikaner Jain Temple and Laxmi Nath Temple before strolling through the old market streets.

After taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the beautiful spice market, walk through the old haveli streets and pose outside Rampuria Havelis for some killer photos.



Available upon request

Have you ever walked barefoot alongside 30,000 rats? Well, spot a white one and you just may have the best year of your life.

Learn the history of this world famous temple, take part in a morning prayer, and tour the village of Deshnok while sipping chai and eating yummy samosas.



Available upon request

Spend your morning crawling under a giant Shiva & sliding into a cave of water guarded by Laxmi, Saraswati and Kali at Bikaner’s Vaishno Devi temple.

Our second stop includes the architectural masterpiece of the Bikaner Cenotaphs, honoring all the kings that have ever ruled the city.




Runs Thursdays to Sundays

How has development played a role on diverse art forms, traditional culture, and fashion in Mumbai and across India? Let’s connect the dots and learn how to play our role in our communities in the fight for social and environmental justice. 


We want free speech. We want clean air. To do so, we need to understand the connection between a modern and innovative India with its traditional and cultural roots.


How do we keep them alive while continuing to thrive?


Join us to find out!


What we’ll do:

  • Observe how modern artists are keeping traditional art alive through diverse mediums

  • Learn the connection between soil, water, air, art and fashion

  • Immerse in the fight for social justice through street art 

  • Write social and environmental justice poetry as payment for samosas and chai

  • Uncover the journey of our clothing from seed to design

  • Connect with the makers and artists behind our clothing


*Sunday tours will end with a community farmer’s market in Bandra.



Runs Thursdays to Sundays

Do you ever think about the hundreds of hands that might have touched your clothing before you take it home? The cotton farmers, the weavers, the designers, the tailors, embroiders, the models, the wholesalers, the retailers...it’s quite the production line. How on earth could the final price tag read less than 1000INR?


Let’s connect the dots and understand how we can support sustainable development through how we consume fashion.


Explore two of South Mumbai’s most popular heritage spots, Colaba and Kala Ghoda, while discovering sustainable and local brands that will take you from consumer to educator. 


What we’ll do:

  • Explore the Colonial heritage districts of Colaba and Kala Ghoda

  • Learn the connection between fashion and economic, social, and environmental sustainability 

  • Immerse in the diverse cultural history of Mumbai

  • Uncover the story of our clothing from seed, to weave, to design

  • Connect with the makers and artisans of our clothing


Looking to do a camel safari in Rajasthan?

But, you're nervous about harming animals on your desert adventure?

We feel you. That's why we've partnered with local farmers in Chandasar village outside of Bikaner to pick you up along their daily route. This gives you the camel experience you're looking for without using camels exclusively for tourism.

Empower farmers.

Play with fairly treated camels.

Sleep under the stars at our desert camp in Chandasar.

Eat traditional Rajasthani foods.

Experience traditional Kalbelia entertainment.

Book your day or overnight safari by enquiring below.


Day safaris - 3000INR

Overnight safaris - 4500INR

*Minimum of 2 people per tour

**Discounts apply for groups larger than 5

Book an experience