Lead YOUR #hararevolution

A 12-week, virtual training program for young leaders and changemakers

who are passionate about ethical business and development.

So, you wanna take your career down the Social Impact path…

But neither school nor college has prepared you with the foundational knowledge and insight needed to get started. You’re not even sure what you’re suppose to do first. Of course becoming an impactful leader or entrepreneur seems shaky right now!

You may feel uncertain about how to craft your resume, where to gain experience, and how to connect with the right people. You may even be sitting on an incredible social enterprise idea, but don’t know how to get the funding or support you need to launch.

In this 12-week certificate program, map your journey to becoming a leader in the social impact space with a community of inspiring leaders, coaches, and DOERS from across the globe (as well as peers from across India!).

Here's what to expect over 12-weeks

Friends Smiling

Cohort Discord


Connect with your peers daily in our Discord Group to share ideas, ask for feedback, and collaborate! Get extra support from our team of facilitators, mentors, and leaders with weekly insight and inspiration.

 Group of friends

2-Hour Weekly

Live Sessions

Every week, we peel back another layer of how to create REAL, sustainable change through transformative action, ideas, innovation, and education.

Remote Working

New Tools & Resources

Every week, we’ll be putting our learnings to practice through group activities, independent projects, and building our courage and confidence to DO!


Monthly Coaching

& Mentorship

Receive up to six (6) hours of one-on-one coaching to support your career development, accessing internship and job opportunities, or in launching your own social project. 

Your Program Curriculum

Our Impact Leadership program is rooted in our five core themes of:​






Every week as a cohort, we’ll dive into topics under these themes that help us create personal, group, social, and global change.

Week 1
Personal & Group Transformation

For impact to take shape, we must first look at our individual and community-based efforts, roles, and responsibilities.

By navigating who YOU are and the change you want to make, you can begin to create a strategy of how to actually make it all happen.

Week 4
Community Development
& Contributions

From problem solving, we’ll jump into what it takes from a community and organizational stakeholders to ensure sustainability of a solution.

This includes evaluating your own strengths and weaknesses so you can identify the right stakeholders to bring your solution forward.

Week 2
Social & Global

Continuing on from our first week together, we’ll navigate how to tackle systemic change and dive into the interconnection and intersectionality of making a social, global issue tangible and relevant to every global citizen through collective learning.

Week 5
Conscious Leadership

Building a team isn’t just about finding amazing people with incredible skills. We’ll uncover what it takes to build an ecosystem where every team member plays off each other’s strengths and supports each other in their weaknesses, while identifying the advantages of a bottom up vs. a top down approach.

Week 3
Holistic Problem Solving

Problem solving is a practiced skill. When it comes to social impact, there are many layers to navigate to reach a holistic solution. During our third week, we’ll begin dissecting a problems by diving into the layers present from a social, economic, environmental & political lens.

Week 6
Conflict Resolution & Negotiations

As a leader, sometimes you need to "fight" for what you want (especially when it comes to funding and contracts).  In our sixth week, we’ll dive into how to overcome challenges with difficult people and situations that may come up along your journey and how to approach and learn from them.

Week 7
Strategic Partners
and Collaboration

Not every situation and partnership is going to be a win-win.


Learn how to identify the right partnership deals and collaboration opportunities based on the goals and needs of your organization and your team.

Week 10
Seed to

While reflecting and absorbing what we’ve learned, we’ll begin plotting every piece of the start-up puzzle, from nurturing an original idea to how to realistically and strategically bring it to life with a launch plan.

(Hint: that takes into account everything you've learned throughout the program!).

Week 8
Funding, Fundraising
& Grant Writing

You need money to run your venture.

We’ll learn how to develop and execute successful fundraising campaigns, how to find funding, how to apply for funding, and how to identify when financial changes in your organization need to be made.

Week 11 & 12
Mapping Your Career and Entrepreneurial Journey

We’ll dive into how to connect a social innovation to the needs of a sustainable business, from navigating storytelling and marketing to creating a sales plan. You’ll then be supported in carving out your unique career and/or entrepreneurial path as you enter your 3-month mentorship period before receiving your certificate.

Week 9
Holistic Wellness
& Social Justice

You can’t take care of the world if you don’t take care of yourself first.

We'll learn how to identify  mental health needs, strengthen  social-emotional wellness without sacrificing your life, and learn to take action without hurting yourself in the process.


"My experience so far in this course has been very insightful, inspiring and self-challenging. I am especially grateful for Jazzmine's energy. She has the power to influence everyone around her with so much positivity, inclusivity and motivation.She has been so supportive and resourceful throughout my experience with Hara Academy. The team ensures everyone is looked after- mentally and in any resource ever required. The course has inspired me to look within and nurture myself as the kind of leader I would want to be. It has also given me a chance to speak in a safe space and share my views and ideas with like-minded individuals and change-makers. I am very grateful and honoured to be a part of this amazing community that Hara World is building and would highly recommend people who would like to build their careers dedicated for the good, to join this community and the courses they provide. It will open your life to opportunities in social entrepreneurship under the mentorship of experienced leaders!" 

Meet your lead facilitator

Jazzmine Raine is a social entrepreneur, storyteller, and facilitator. She is the founder of Hara World, an experiential education platform for young changemakers, and Hara House, India’s first zero-waste hospitality space.

Jazz leverages the power of story to empower young leaders, marginalized groups, and ethical brands to pivot the status quo and lead us towards a sustainable, inclusive, and inspiring future.

Jazz has been recognized globally for her work in development. In 2019, she was nominated for multiple awards for her Hara World initiatives and was named 1 of 35 social entrepreneurs to watch by Causeartist. She 
has spoken on her passions and journey across the globe, including at BoldTalks Dubai, Tourism Shala in India, and with many well-renowned high schools, post-secondary institutions and community platforms across the globe.

Jazz is currently undergoing a fully funded fellowship with Watson Institute and the Western Union Foundation. In her spare time, she supports high school graduates with their personal and professional development and continues to work on her first novel, Generation Uprising (release date? Stay tuned!).

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