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Changing the world doesn't happen overnight.

Start your journey here with access to the tools, training, and community you need to start leading real, sustainable impact.



Narrative and persuasive writing program for changemakers

(Ages 12 - 18)

Strengthen your storytelling abilities so you can use your voice to inspire action.

Connect with a community of leaders as you master your communication and writing skills that lead to change in your community and across the globe.


3-month certification program for young adults and professionals

Take your leadership and impact journey to the next level with hands-on, experiential learning over 12 weeks that prepares you and your social innovation for launch and scale.


3-month certification

program for youth and young adults

Master the basics of mindfulness to strengthen your mindset, resilience and communications skills.

To take care of the world, you need to take care of yourself first.

Access the tools YOU need to LEAD this summer.

How do you plant the seeds of change?

It takes a village (and the energy of a

small guesthouse called Hara House).


“I didn’t have any real experience apart from working on a few sustainable event projects. I was in the financial services sector at the time where there wasn’t much opportunity to use my creative soft and hard skills. And that’s when I realised I didn’t want to be in the financial sector anymore!


Working with Hara World was my first introduction to the social enterprise space. With no formal education in social impact, they made it easy and accessible to learn new terminology, build an international community of like-minded people, and how to align my passion for sustainable living with my career.


After my time with Hara World, I felt so confident applying for roles in the social impact space. Now, I am interning in social impact consulting with Deloitte and pursuing my masters in sustainability management.”

- Prakriti, Bikaner (2020)

Hey, Educators!

Want to bring social and environmental justice education to the classroom?

Book a virtual or in-person Hara Workshop that connects students to how their skills can be used for good in the real world. 

Workshops available for all ages.

Online Education
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